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"WOWOWOW KORONE BOX" is a hololive fangame featuring Inugami Korone, member of hololive GAMERS. The game is a top-down shooter with the objective of collecting as many Korone Boxes as possible without getting hit even once. Korone must contend with many enemies and boss battles, but is given a variety of weapons to help her survive.

"WOWOWOW KORONE BOX" is inspired by Vlambeer's "Super Crate Box" and "Nuclear Throne".

「WOWOWOW KORONE BOX」はホロライブGAMERS所属のタレント、戌神ころねを主軸とする二次創作ゲームです。ゲームは一度もダメージを受けずころねボックスをできるだけ集め、与えられた武器などで様々な敵やボスと戦うSTGです。

「WOWOWOW KORONE BOX」はVlambeer様の、「Super Crate Box」と「Nuclear Throne」を題材にしています。


Controller mode can be toggled in "Settings". Controller inputs listed are for the Xbox Controller.

  • WASD/↑←↓→/Left Stick: Move
  • Mouse/Right Stick: Aim
  • Left Click/Right Bumper: Fire
  • Right Click/Right Trigger: Alt Fire
  • Space/Enter/A Button: Select
  • Esc/B Button: Pause/Back

Collect Korone Boxes to increase your score. A random weapon is equipped every time a Korone Box is collected.

Defeat enemies using your weapons. Touching an enemy or enemy attack results in a Game Over.

Korone Boxes are periodically replaced with boss enemies that must be defeated to advance.

Unlock new weapons by collecting Korone Boxes and attaining higher scores!


  • WASD/↑←↓→/左スティック:動く
  • マウス/右スティック:エイム
  • 左クリック/RB:シュート
  • 右クリック/RT:サブ攻撃
  • スペース/Enter/Aボタン:セレクト
  • Esc/Bボタン:一時停止/戻る






The game language can be set to English or Japanese in "Settings/せってい".


CREDITS / スタッフロール

Design/Art/Programming / デザイン/イラスト/プログラミング: tian nya

Title Illustration / タイトルイラスト: Kukie_nyan

Sound / サウンド: tian nya, lots of free sounds and stream clips / たくさんの無料効果音と配信切り抜き

Translation / 翻訳: Harutimu / はるてぃむ

Music Arrangements / 音楽アレンジ: tian nya

  • 「ころねの最凶天災☆わんだふぉー❤わーるど」 (Original / 原曲: 戌神ころね & おぐらあすか) 
  •  「ころねレイザー 戌More!」 (Original / 原曲: 古代祐三)
  • 「Koro Funk!」 (Original / 原曲: Omiyaクラブ)
  • 「KORO DISCO!」 (Original / 原曲: Omiyaクラブ)
  • 「Wan-Wan House!」 (Original / 原曲: Omiyaクラブ)

Playtesting / テストプレイ:

  • Chroneco
  • daiishori
  • Dokuro Deluxe
  • Harutimu / はるてぃむ
  • Hyde
  • Klaius
  • Kukie_nyan
  • lyrinne
  • Misa
  • nii
  • oimo buster
  • Shiinarei
  • Trap
  • Tsukino / 月野
  • Tuna


This non-commercial game is a derivative work of Cover Corporation's hololive property. This game is not endorsed by or directly affiliated with Cover Corporation or hololive. The game is produced according to Cover Corporation's Derivative Work License Agreement. The developer does not claim any ownership of the hololive property.


PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(193 total ratings)
Authortian nya
Tags2D, Arcade, Bullet Hell, hololive, inugami-korone, Pixel Art, Shoot 'Em Up, Singleplayer, Top down shooter


WowowowKoroneBox_v1.1.0_Windows.zip 39 MB
WowowowKoroneBox_v1.1.0_Windows_32bit.zip 36 MB
WowowowKoroneBox_v1.1.0_Mac.zip 47 MB

Install instructions

Download and extract the .zip.

Mac users must allow the app in Preferences or open through the right click menu.

Development log


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Now that we've seen Idol Showdown and Holocure release on Steam, any possibility of a Steam release?

this fan-game is pretty good. great job!


The ost didn't have to go this hard.


good game

this is so good tho

Wonderful! Keep it up!


Dontcha mean WANderful? 🐶


Haha, so funny... 🙄

I meant to make the pun and also a subtle reference to Avataro Sentai Donbrothers (Inu Brother's transformation call goes "Hey yo! WANderful!")



I hope you can add the "store" in this game, which we can use our accumulated boxes to unlock new weapon. (I am suck at this game and I still can't beat the boss while reach 11 boxes, at this rate I will never be able to unlock new weapon)

Example: Weapon "Mio" can be bought by spending 1000 boxes



Runs well on Linux using Steam Proton 4.11-13. Just set "LAUNCH OPTIONS" to "PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 %command%"

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Wheres the sequel? Get to work




Harsh? Im saying its good and I want more!


It just looks like you're ordering them around.



Very good!


I had a great time playing. In my opinion, a list of challenges would be fun to play. Like for example some kind of restricted vision, like a flashlight or only melee weaopns only. 


Yubi yubi!


I wish this was on mobile but i can wait if it is going to mobile


A linux version needs to be released


Really hoping mobile version would be released. Im craving for playing thissssss

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Very enjoyable game for the most adorable doggo.


Juego épico, Full recomendado xD



Copying this from your YouTube video for increased visibility. ' v '

Thank you for removing the infinite mines LOL dominant strategy of spending an hour laying mines to unlock everything was not fun :'D

I really like this update since it solves a lot of frustrations we had in the past, like frisbees being a nuisance, finger guns being mostly useless, and the sort. In the interest of this  game's success, I do still have one sharp criticism that doubles as a from-experience suggestion which I personally feel could make the "feeling" of this game perfect.

A lot of enemies are still un-reactable if you're moving vertically and they're coming right for you because the camera is still too zoomed in. The only safe directions of travel are diagonally and somewhat horizontally, and that still causes a lot of cheap deaths as well as prevents you from manipulating aggro correctly. I'd recommend you zoom it out for sure so that people can stay focused on the simplicity and fun of the game more easily. Comparing Korone box to other games in this exact genre, the cameras are all vastly more zoomed out in competing games for this very reason.

This also contributes to "mobbing" which, in any 2d game like this (other 2d arena/arcade shooters, ragnarok online, etc), refers to moving in a way that draws the aggro of enemies to gather at one location so that you can circle around them and manipulate their movements. Non-aggro enemies are obstacles, and aggro enemies are meant to be zig-zagged and circled around in order to condense them and enable the player to manage otherwise overwhelming odds. This greatly raises only the skill ceiling and is something most people pick up on sub-consciously, but when a player becomes keenly aware that this pattern of aggro and movement exists, it exponentially improves their gameplay, and that kind of player-driven progress is extremely fun in other games of the same genre. This could easily be combined further with the way the machine gun and Okayu affect movement. Currently, boosting yourself with them is genuinely unfun because while you WANT to, you make more directions of movement unreactable if you encounter an enemy moving in your direction. That removes an option from players which could be really engaging: "boost and sacrifice the protection of shooting ahead of you in order to get boxes and/or evade quicker, should enemies be scattered." Korone box genuinely has the ability to be a super deceptively deep and compelling game because these qualities are intrinsic to the genre that this game is, and it is all achievable by simply zooming the camera out enough so you can see a few more enemies and so that no direction of movement is remotely unreactable even with the fastest enemy in the game (roaches) and the player being boosted by Okayu vertically. Those two enemies coming right for each other vertically should NOT be unreactable, so as to put the emphasis on movement and not deny the player natural options presented in the game. A 170% increase in visible space or more feels correct to me in order to prevent the game from punishing you for moving as well as achieve enough eyesight to implement these types of very common strategies into the game.

On the note of reaction time: Average human reaction time is 200ms and it'd be safe to account for poor latency in devices to future-proof releasing the game on other hardware, should you want to do that. If someone is connected with a controller, that adds latency too and analog movement would compliment the system a lot. The actual reaction window needs to extend past the latency time to allow for split-second decision making based on your surroundings, so we'll assume that latency is 260ms or so. This means that the camera should be zoomed out enough that from the first moment a cockroach is visible on screen coming from directly above or below the player (because aspect ratio = a shorter radius vertically, of course), it should take longer than 260ms + your buffer window (we'll say about another 300ms) for it to reach and kill the player, moving directly towards the cockroach at Okayu-boosted speed. In this example, that means that the cockroach goes from visible north or south of the player to touching and killing the player with them both headed directly at each other with Okayu-boost in approximately 560ms, or just over half a second. This, within actual testing, is an approximation of how to correctly find the right amount to zoom the camera out for the purpose of removing unreactable and cheap deaths from the game based on direction of movement and camera issues, and that lets the player focus on making actual decision in game instead of limiting their options. You may also want to add a few more milliseconds to account for the longer time recognizing an enemy takes when the screen is shaking from weapon use (of course you can turn it off, but it would be healthier for the game's success in my opinion if the reasons a player turns it off involve as few gameplay-related reasons as possible).

Still! This is a fantastic update and I know how hard game development is from a time-consumption standpoint as well as a player feedback standpoint, especially with so many eyes and voices. 

' v ' You're doing a wonderful job and I want you to know that we appreciate you a lot! 💖 Thank you very much for your time and consideration!

63 Pepperbox (Normal) on the new version 1.1

The new right click for dual yubis, mines & frisbee are genuinely useful.
Still wish that enemies don't get hidden behind box and there's a mode to practice against dark korone specifically.

Beautiful game, super fun

good game

Glad to see a game supports linux, but it looks like you’ve marked the Mac OS release as a linux build.


As someone who's played a lot of Nuclear Throne, i can definitely see the influence. 

That's totally fine, except for one thing.


I don't know if its already listed in def or someone already comment about it but adding some health or an upgrading-health-system might be fun for a casual player who's new/bad at bullethell games :D

yubi yubi

Very addicting ngl

yubi yubi


I love this game!

Great job :D

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Some important feedback! So the ultimate start btw is: Get landmines before the first boss Literally fill the entire map with landmines. Free pass to level 80ish Might want to put a timer on the landmines so that the most powerful strategy isn't RNG/unfun :P There's absolutely no limit on how many you can stack, and it's a matter of how many hours you want to invest in preparation. Also! It's really easy to just run into someone when moving vertically because the screen is so zoomed in that it's completely un-reactable if you and an enemy are moving towards each other, so you HAVE to move diagonally or horizontally. I definitely think you should zoom out by 150%. Also-Also! It would be really nice if, when unlocking weapons, you could unlock multiple at once. If you get to level 50 once, just unlock everything and show a window presenting all of them when the round is over. It's kind of a bummer to reach the limit, then realize there was no point yet because you haven't unlocked enough weapons to do your BFG unlocking round. Otherwise, really awesome fan game! Simple simple changes could make it go from fun to amazing imo. ' v ' On the frisbee, if it's able to kill you, I think it'd be nice to implement a mechanic where you can catch it. Dogs catch frisbees anyways and being punished for using it by making it kill you is really frustrating after all.

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Hey Tian Nya, this game is amazing thanks a lot for making it! but I have a small problem... some days ago when I opened the game just like any other day, I saw I had 0 boxes when I used to have like 3300. I read the read_me txt so I new that data losses could happen by launching early versions of the game so I imagined that the game somehow thought I was launching an early version of the game, so I didn't give it more importance. However, when I tried to start a run, the preview of the maps wouldn't show and I was stuck in normal mode. If I started a run, the only thing I could see is the image below. Tried to fix this reinstalling the game but didn't work, what can I do?


Sounds like the save data got corrupted somehow, if you're on Windows you can go to "AppData/LocalLow/tian nya/WOWOWOW KORONE BOX" (you can go to your AppData folder quickly by typing "%AppData%" and exiting the "Roaming" folder) and delete "saveData.json" to reset. If possible, see if you can post the contents of the file here (use Notepad to open) so I can take a look.


My "saveData.json" was empty, it was blank, I asked a friend who also had the game, what was in his and I understood everything. Apparently, my data got erased somehow. I deleted the file and launched the game and it worked properly, thanks a lot!

I love how this game is just 100% references, memes and pure fun. Waiting for future updates!

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what a game <3 love it!!

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I love this game!

I unlocked last weapon today!

Do you have any update plan?

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