v1.1 Update

v1.1.0 of WOWOWOW KORONE BOX includes fixes and balance changes, as well as new abilities for a few weapons.

If you last launched a different version of the game, your high scores will be cleared. After launching a new version of the game, it is recommended NOT to launch an earlier version. Doing so may result in loss of data and/or errors.

  • Weapon updates
    • Dual Finger Gun
      • Added Alt fire: Fire guns in a cone pattern
    • Bonkhammer
      • Increased damage of some reflected projectiles
    • Chainsaw
      • Increased fire rate and decreased projectile damage
      • Reduced overall damage
    • Handmine
      • Mines now automatically detonate after 1 minute
      • Added Alt fire: Remotely detonate all mines present
    • Frisbee
      • Added Alt fire: Melee swing that deals minimal damage but reflects frisbees
    • Mion Cannon
      • Increased fire rate and decreased laser damage
      • Overall damage unchanged
    • Okayu
      • Increased fire rate and decreased projectile damage
      • Overall damage unchanged
  • Stage updates
    • Orange Box
      • Retextured pits to distinguish them from floors
  • Enemy updates
    • Reduced health for several enemy types
    • Different sound effect for bouncing enemy bodies
  • Boss updates
    • Umbrella Dark Knight
      • No longer tries to charge over water/pits
    • Darkside Korone
      • Smarter weapon selection in close quarters
  • Other
    • Better window resizing
    • Confined cursor to window during gameplay
    • Fixed camera/UI jitter
    • Fixed a save data loss issue


WowowowKoroneBox_v1.1.0_Windows.zip 39 MB
Mar 03, 2022
WowowowKoroneBox_v1.1.0_Windows_32bit.zip 36 MB
Mar 03, 2022
WowowowKoroneBox_v1.1.0_Mac.zip 47 MB
Mar 03, 2022



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Great game, looking forward for future updates😊


WOWOWOW! That's a lot of new stuff and changes!

Good job! :D