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i realllly want controller options ;o;

well ones that arnt just xbox 



10/10, I couldn't stop playing, and I will play it again soon.



I would highly suggest to make an android port, i'm having soul knight vibes in this game which's the gameplay is amazing.


In the future, I hope some type of manual will be added that could tell you more about the enemies and weapons. Other than that 10/10 game!


I can't download it for some reason


same as me man.. pain


A few balance suggestions: 

Mion Cannon feels underpowered, as it's slow and doesn't deal much damage. Maybe increase the duration of the laser or increase its damage a bit?

Yubivolver feels a bit too powerful. Maybe make it so you have to click for each shot?

Handmine can be strong in the right situations, but maybe decrease the recharge time a bit so more of them can be placed?

It doesn't really make sense why the range of the chainsaw would decrease while you're moving forward and increase while moving backwards. I think it should be constant in all directions regardless of movement.

How did you get the Mion Cannon?

All upgrades are based on total boxes collected as far as I can tell. Mio is at 500. I thought Okayu would be at 1000, but that was not the case.

To get it you need to reach 24 boxes collected in one round on any map and any difficulty


This is great.


Has anyone had luck getting dual stick to work with a DS4 controller?  It will only shoot at diagonals for me.


This is a lot of fun! Excellent work!


This is absolutely amazing man, great job!.

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just saw from reddit im downloading it rn (:

edit: good game i had fun ^^


Some weapons (Mostly the handmine) shouldn't drop when a boss appears as is practically a loss in various situations. Aside of that 11/10 game will yubi again.

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please,if the developer of this game sees this comment,i want to please update the game and add online features (to be able to play with other players) and add a 2vs2-4vs4 match feature with friends (you can say offline) ....that's all i received salary v:


I can't run the game pls help

The power of hololive GAMERS!!!!!!


wowowowow 10/10


good game, very fun

It’s fun! Hope I could get a mouse soon to have full experience though lol.

Also it can run with wine (with virtual desktop) on Linux but a native build is a good to have.


Very fun game and i hope Korone will play this game soon
also like your video

hey tian nya the game can be played on android?


Will there be a GNU/Linux release too?




Very fun game!

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Not gonna lie, as soon as I saw the video preview on my YT homepage I knew it was gonna be good.

Great work!


really fun i could easily spend hours on this just spacing out

It's a ton of fun ! Easily the kind of game that you can spend a few hour of pure fun whitout thinking about anything else. Congrats ! 

i love this! 

Super fun! Not that great at these games but my high score is 27 so far. Most of the weapons feel useful and good in their own way, and it's pure fanservice for us koronesuki.

super crate box + nuclear throne with korone? hell yeah 😎


First Impression. Follow and subscribe if you like the channel. Inbox and subscribe if you want your game played :D?

really nice, i like it

Online scoreboard?

I hope korone plays this! Reminds me of nuclear throne, great work!

Y U B I   Y U B I

I love it, its cute and fun!

All games with hololive in it are great


10/10 would bonk again


yubi yubi!

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