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A school project developed by Dexter Truong, Tianyao Liu, John Yue, Nicola Battista

A competitive 2-4 player game. Your objective is to make $1000000 in hard cash before anyone else does!
To do this, you must trade in stocks belonging to 4 different companies. The more money invested into a company, the faster their stock will grow!
However, each company also has its own unique perks! Purchasing the companies' different services gives you the power to make even more money, or completely destroy the market!
There are two modes: Monthly Review Mode, which only allows players to make decisions at the start of every month, and Panic at the Exchange Mode, where if you don't keep up, the market will leave you in the dust!


This game supports 1 keyboard player and up to 3 Xbox controller players.

  • Select Button - Arrow Keys (keyboard), Left Circle Pad (controller)
  • Confirm Button - Z (keyboard), A Button (controller)
  • Back Button - X (keyboard), B Button (controller)

Objective: Make $1000000 in liquid money.

Buying and Selling Shares:

  • Each of the 4 companies has its own stock. 
  • By buying shares from a company, you also invest in it. 
  • The more collective investment a company gets, the faster its share will rise in price. 
  • When you sell a share, you'll get money equal to its current value.
  • The stock of a company also affects the potency of their services.

Companies and Services:

The 4 companies have vastly different services that players can use for a cost proportional to the money they have on hand.
These services increase in potency the higher their stock.

  • Dexter Explosives Ltd. - Sabotage Company Share (reduce the value of a company's share), Sabotage Company Growth (reduce a company's growth rate)
  • Tian Insurance Inc. - Insure Money for 30 Days (temporary mitigation against goon squad attacks on money), Insure Shares for 30 Days (temporary mitigation against goon squad attacks on shares)
  • John's Goon Squad - Attack Player Money (directly reduce a player's liquid money), Attack Player Shares (directly reduce a player's number of shares)
  • Bubba-Bemoney Dividend Fund - Deposit (deposit money in the fund to receive money over time), Withdraw (withdraw your deposit)

May the most ruthless trader prevail!


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