Holoware v0.2 now available!

A new Holoware public release, v0.2, is now available for download! The changes are as follows:

  • Added 8 microgames
    • Climb!
    • Drumroll!
    • Find Marine!
    • Imitate!
    • Make!
    • Match!
    • Run!
    • Solve!
  • Added 2 boss stages
    • Interview!
    • Dance!
  • Added Themes shop & 4 new Themes
    • A-chan
    • Shirakami Fubuki
    • Natsuiro Matsuri
  • WASD can now be used in place of Arrow Keys
  • Reduced the difficulty of the following microgames in Normal Mode
    • ASMR!
  • Reduced the difficulty of the following microgames in Hard Mode
    • ASMR!
  • Changes to the boss stage Defeat!
    • Reduced Fubuking's HP and action cooldown time in both Normal Mode and Hard Mode
    • Renamed Marine's "Heave Ho!" spell to "Yousoro!"
  • Fixed some cases where big numbers broke the UI

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: High scores from previous versions will be cleared. After launching a new version of the game, it is recommended NOT to launch an earlier version. Doing so will likely result in loss of data and/or errors.

Feel free to leave any comments regarding feedback, bug fixes and suggestions!


Holoware v0.2.zip 88 MB
Aug 01, 2020

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