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Holoware / メイド イン ホロ is a hololive fangame featuring its various virtual YouTuber talents. It consists of a large collection of microgames that must be cleared one after another, with the game's speed steadily increasing as you progress.

Version 0.1 of Holoware contains 12 microgames and 1 boss stage. More microgames and boss stages are planned for future updates.

Included with the game is a collection of free emotes, courtesy of the developer. Feel free to use them as you like!


Press the Play button to begin a new game.

Microgame controls can be any combination of Arrow Keys, Spacebar, Mouse and Left Click. The control scheme for a microgame will be provided before it begins. Some microgames may contain additional information on controls.

Most microgames must be cleared within a time limit, indicated by the bar at the bottom of the screen.

You begin a game with 4 lives. A point is added for every microgame reached. Failing to clear a microgame deducts 1 life. Clearing a boss stage restores 1 life. The game ends when all lives are lost. Holoyen are awarded based on your final score.

The game cannot be paused. Press Esc to quit the current game and return to the Main Menu. Quitting a game will not allow your score to qualify for a high score.

Hard Mode can be enabled in Settings for an increased starting speed, more significant Speed Ups, more challenging microgames, and increased Holoyen rewards. High scores for Hard Mode are stored separately from Normal Mode.

There is currently no use for Holoyen. They will be used in a future update to purchase Themes.


The game language can be set to English or Japanese in "Settings/オプション".


Design/Art/Programming: tian nya (Twitter)
Sound: tian nya & various public domain sound clips
Translation: oimo buster (Twitter)

MUSIC / 音楽

tian nya // Shiny Smily Story (Arrangement, original by hololive IDOL PROJECT)
かずち // 流幻
ゆーぎり // 近未来なお知らせ
RIG Production // 急げ急げ!
小林真澄 // ワクワク楽しいクリスマス
Phalene // 雨の日のお散歩
MAKOOTO // たぬきちの冒険
ヒの字 // Wahoo Rock
カワサキヤスヒロ // 笑横丁
鷹尾まさき // わくわくクッキングタイム的なBGM


This free game is a derivative work of Cover Corp.'s hololive property. This game is not endorsed by or directly affiliated with Cover Corp. or hololive. The developer does not claim any ownership of the hololive property.


Updated 1 day ago
Published 23 days ago
StatusIn development
Authortian nya
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Arcade, Fangame, Fast-Paced, hololive, minigames, Singleplayer, virtual-youtubers
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Extract .zip contents. Run "Holoware.exe" to play the game.


Holoware v0.1.1.zip 63 MB

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Seems fun, would love some sort of compatibility for keyboards without arrow keys tho