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A massive outbreak of fairies has swept over Gensokyo, seemingly with no cause. Calming oneself by getting rid of the endless fairies just simply isn't enough; the girls are taking out their frustrations on each other!


Up/Down - Navigate
Left/Right - Navigate/Change volume
Z - Select/Toggle
X - Back

In-Game/Character selection (can be changed in Key Config):
T - Forward/Move Up
G - Backward/Move Down
F - Turn Left/Move Left
H - Turn Right/Move Right
Z - Shot/Select
X - Charge/Deselect
Up - Forward/Move Up
Down - Backward/Move Down
Left - Turn Left/Move Left
Right - Turn Right/Move Right
. - Shot/Select
/ - Charge/Deselect

Esc - Back/Pause


  • Shot will fire a constant stream of weak bullets
  • Dealing damage and defeating enemies will build up power meter
  • When power meter is filled enough, hold down Charge to charge up a strong attack, and let go to unleash
  • Holding down Charge longer will unleash more powerful attacks (ranging from Level 1 to 4)
  • Taking damage while charging will reduce your charge
  • Level 3 and 4 attacks can destroy weaker bullets
  • Using Level 4 attacks for some characters will put you into an aiming mode where you control a crosshair with your directional keys to aim your attack
  • Double-tap Forward to dash; dashing allows you to avoid damage from basic enemies and bullets, as well as ram into the other player and bosses, but costs power (Level 4 attacks cannot be dash-dodged)
  • Double-tap Charge while power meter is full to activate Trance mode for temporary invincibility and a high-power shot; useful when unable to charge an attack

Change Notes:

Update 7

  • Added new boss: Lily White
    • Will spawn periodically and cycle between 2 attacks
    • Gives 1 full power level when defeated
  • Enemy changes
    • Damage from fairy bullets and contact with fairies and spirits reduced
    • Player takes knockback upon contact with fairies and spirits
    • Spirit bullets have a fixed speed
    • Power obtained from defeating fairies and spirits no longer increases with round duration
  • Reimu changes
    • Specialty buffed to -35% reduced dash cost
  • Yuuka changes
    • Reduced size of LV 4 charge attack
  • Alice changes
    • Dolls will periodically lose health, and have a maximum lifespan of 1 minute
    • Dolls take half damage from charge attacks
  • Knockback taken no longer scales with player's speed stat
  • Character selection info updated

Update 6

  • Single-player mode added
  • Added score system
  • Bug fixes and minor changes
    • Music room now shows Flowering Night
    • Both players can return to menu after a match ends
    • Disabled debug instant health/power

Update 5

  • Added new playable character: Sakuya Izayoi
  • Added new music: Flowering Night
  • Bug fixes

Update 4

  • Added new playable character: Alice Margatroid
  • Added new music: Plastic Mind
  • Different sound effect for spirits appearing
  • Bug fixes
  • Balance changes
    • Chiyuri's charge attacks buffed
    • Yuuka's charge attacks and charge stat nerfed

Update 3

  • Added new playable character: Yuuka Kazami
  • Added new music: Inanimate Dream
  • Added new enemy: Spirit
  • Added new backgrounds: Forest of Magic, Mist Lake, Youkai Mountain
  • Improved character selection screen
  • Charge reduction from being damaged is now directly proportional to the amount of damage taken
  • More pronounced particle effects
  • Bug fixes and balance changes

Feel free to share any feedback and report bugs in the comments. Testers who have provided constructive feedback will be mentioned in Special Thanks.

You can also download the .swf file here. (Right click > Save Link As..., or equivalent)

Credits in-game.
Touhou Project © ZUN

StatusIn development
Authortian nya
Tags2D, 2-player, Shoot 'Em Up, Singleplayer, Touhou, Versus
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2

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